Sometimes the job chooses you

A department full of opportunities

Some choose to elevate the team instead of themselves, reach out in compassion and promote unity. In some parts of the world, you are called rare or unique. At Santa Rosa Police Department, we call you partner, brother, sister, and family. There are many opportunities in a city unlike any other, looking for individuals with these qualities. We are ready; are you?

Location Matters

There’s something unique about Santa Rosa, California – wine country, concerts, fairs, farmers’ markets, and friendly smiles and waves from strangers at the local coffee shop. It’s no surprise why Laterals and new recruits are moving to this city that’s unlike any other.

Athletes Bring the Game

Santa Rosa Police Department is where work ethic and an emphasis on teamwork drive successful careers. Pull on your running shoes and join us on a jog through Northern California. Find out why elite athletes have found a home at the Santa Rosa.

Unique Specialties

In an era where many departments offer the typical list of specialty assignments, SRPD brings more to the table. An Operations Center that coordinates wildfire response, Drones, and E Bikes are just a few examples of a progressive department looking for candidates that want to work with the latest tech and make an impact everyday.

Building Careers

SRPD sits in the sweet spot for career advancement and the opportunity to gain experience to learn the profession while small enough to get noticed when you show initiative. Opportunities for advanced training and access to the latest tools help you prepare for that “shoulder tap” to make your move.

A Home for Laterals

Years of experience outside SRPD means you can make an immediate impact with our team. Ride along with SRPD laterals who have found out what it’s like to be immediately be accepted into a family that values the experience and energy.

Wellness in action

Officers who are both sound in mind and body are built into the foundation of the SRPD. Join Lt. Hackett as he walks us through his department’s steps to elevate officer wellness every day.

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